Why It Pays To Be Brutally Honest With Your Realtor

By: Mark Douglas

Why It Pays To Be Brutally Honest With Your Realtor

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I know sometimes we don’t feel like being completely honest because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings but when it comes to buying a home you need to be BRUTALLY HONEST with your Realtor Trust me we can handle it and the best part is that we actually want the harsh critique. 


When showing a home the worst thing I can hear is a home is “OK” if you hate a home I want, I need, I crave to know what exactly you don’t like because that puts me closer to finding the home that you will love love love and love is all I need 


So next time you are out looking at a house and you hate something about a home tell your agent or better yet holla at me and I promise to keep the wack houses to a minimum 


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