About Me


Mark is an energetic and knowledgeable person who is always looking to improve and enrich his life along with the lives of others. As a young child he knew he wanted to do something to help people just from the sense of satisfaction he got whenever he trained with friends during the basketball seasons at Dunbarton high school in Pickering where he grew up or helping look after children younger than himself with his Grandmother, Mark always showed a caring spirit. Now his main goal is to become the #1 source of all things Real Estate for his clients, their friends and families.

Why did you choose Real Estate as a profession?

Mark has said regularly that he had always had a passion to help people and although many professions provide this Mark felt that helping people achieve part of the Canadian dream of home ownership was something he was meant to be doing. “I’ve always gravitated towards real estate, as a child I would walk by some of the most beautiful homes and wonder what kind of people lived there, what they did for a living, what type of people they are, homes and people that was always my interest, well besides basketball” Mark says.

What is your inspiration?

Mark’s greatest inspiration has always been his mother, who as a mother of 4 boys, had her hands filled but still managed to hold down, two jobs as a nurse and another job cleaning homes on the side. “I used to go with my mother on weekends to these posh homes and condos and help her clean just me and her, it’s funny because it never really felt like work to me when I went with her, I loved being in those big houses.” As a child Mark always used to think about buying his mother her own home even though he was not able to do this monetarily he was able to find her, her dream home as her Realtor.

What sets you apart from other Realtors?

“I think my slogan says it all.” From listed to sold you’re NEVER alone; Mark feels that his approach of a partnership in selling your home is what sets him apart. “When I say it’s a partnership I mean it’s a TRUE partnership, I will take your feedback to heart and implement it on both the buying and selling side, I provide 100% honesty and I expect it back, no criticism to me is bad criticism because it helps me become a better realtor for my current and future clients.” Mark’s end goal as a Realtor is to do a job his clients will brag about to their friends and family ultimately bringing referrals and repeat business.” If a partnership with your Realtor is what you are looking for, look no further than Mark Douglas and find out first hand why From Listed To Sold You’re NEVER Alone.